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The revolution in “data science” (a term I detest) over the last few years has led to people believing that getting information out of data is a science. That it is okay to simply throw all the data you have into “the mixer” and hope to get information out of it.

While this might be the correct approach in some cases, in general extracting information from data is both an art and a science. The maths is important, but of no use if you don’t know how to apply it. The methods are all great, but you need to know what applies best in what situation. And so on.

In this newsletter, approximately published every month, I bring to you some of the interesting happening in the world of “data science” (note the quotes). I cover statistics and visualisation and some machine learning, and even though I try to avoid it, some artificial intelligence as well.

This used to run on tinyletter for a while now, and most readers seem to love it. So I invite you to join them in inviting me into your inboxes so that I can impress you with some infinitely interesting stuff in the world of data.